Welding  Curtains &  Curtain  Screens


Easily movable curtains and curtain screens

Standard Curtains

Standard sized curtains provided with 50 mm (2 in.) welded seam all around and with snap-fasteners on both sides for joining to obtain total desired width. Supplied with reinforced holes in the upper edge and steel suspension rings. All standard curtains are made of pliable self extinguishing PVC-material with flash point 320-390ºC (600–730°F). Width: 1400 mm (55 in.), Thickness: 0.40-0.50 mm (0.016–0.020 in.). The Nederman yellow and clear transparent curtains are used for glare, splatter, grinding, dust etc. but are not designed for welding.

Curtain Screens

The protection curtain screens are easily movable for welding, grinding, turning, milling etc, and are ideal for the screening of temporary or permanent work places. The frame is manufactured from galvanized tube and the curtain of self-extinguishing PVC material (same as the standard curtains above) and complying with EN1598 for welding. Delivered complete with frame and curtain with total dimension WxH=2000x2000 mm (79x79 in.) (just curtain H=1700 mm (67 in.). Weight 7.5 kg (16 lbs).


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Power  Curtain



Motorized welding curtain

The Power curtain is very usable, for example in car repair shops, or in industrial areas when you want to divide the area into several booths.

It comes with a grey opaque lower part and a transparent upper part, allowing the light to flow freely between booths.

The Power Curtain is delivered in a complete kit, ready to be installed on a wall or at a ceiling. The motor comes with a Control box for manual operation.



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