Mobile filter for capturing and eliminating welding fumes and dust at source

Welding fumes affect the welder´s health conditions, end product quality and production equipment. It reduces capacity, disturbs the production and decreases the bottom line result. A prosperous business demands sound, and safe workplaces. Nederman mobile welding fume and dust collectors can make a big change! Capturing fumes at the source is the only effective way to eliminate the health hazard. Nederman's Mobile Welding Fume and Dust Extractors are cost effective for any budget.





W3 approved portable welding fume and dust extraction unit

Flexible and modular portable welding fume and dust extractor that solves most common demands regarding welding fumes and dust. Accessories can be attached to improve individual applications. Can be combined to work as a mobile unit or as a fixed mounted unit. For extra efficient filter cleaning the FilterBox can be equipped with compressed air cleaning. FilterBox in Spaceblue is designed especially for food, medical or chemical industry. All features apply to the standard model. 

FilterBox Monitor

Automatic filter cleaning process handled by a control box at a pre-set value. 

FilterBox Standard 

Semi-automatic filter cleaning process manually initiated on the control box. FilterBox Basic Manually filter cleaning by a hand crank FilterBox. The welding fume and dust extractor is W3 approved. The today's product range has been extended with a FilterBoxW3.


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The Nederman FilterCart model has the best performance when it comes to welding applications. The integrated spotlight optimises the user-friendly design. If a larger working range is needed, the FilterCart Original can be delivered with a 3 m long arm.



       Airflow in arm: 750 - 1050 m3

       Weight: with 2 m arm 71 kg - with 3 m arm 73 kg

       Arm diameter: 160 mm

       Noise level: 73 dB(A)

       Filter efficiency: main filter>99 % - HEPA filter >99.97 % DOP 0.3 mm

       Filter area: main filter 35 m2 - HEPA filter 7.5 m2 


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WeldFilter C10 - easy and troublefree welding fume extractor


Nederman WeldFilter is a mobile welding fume extraction unit offering easy, trouble-free operation and flexible access. It is currently available with one extraction arm that can be swivelled by 360°. WeldFilter is also be available with two extraction arms. WeldFilter is the cost-effective problem solution wherever welding fume extraction is needed. Just plug it in and start welding. 


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