Fans and Blowers

Every dust, fume or mist collection system needs a fan to move the contaminated air through the filter for cleaning. Nederman has a complete range of fans for single machine dust extraction to shops with hundreds of machines.




N3 Fan with Cartridge Filter


Low airflow fans

It is designed for extraction and filtration of noxious fumes and vapours for the smaller workplace, for instance when soldering, gluing or working with solvents. It is intended to be used in different combinations with the FX arms or the Down Flow Grille FD 23.

   Easy to install

   The Filter Cartridge Standard consists of particle, HEPA and gas filter

   The FIlter Cartridge Gas is a pure carbon filter

   The filter cartridges are disposable and easy to change


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The wide collection of medium range fans

Nederman N series fans are a central component in Nederman's wide assortment of quality products for fume extraction and filtering as well as for vehicle exhaust extraction. Sound absorbers are available for all N-series fans. The fans are also suitable for mounting as freestanding fans.

Our range of fans is available from 0.55 kW to 2.2 kW (0.75 Hp to 3 Hp), both single and three phase.


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N 16 FANS 1ph

N 16 FANS 3ph

N 24 FANS 1ph

N 24 FANS 3ph




NCF Direct Drive Fans and Blowers


The Nederman NCF Fans have direct drive motors which means a safe and cost effective operation. Installing an energy efficient NCF fan with our other Nederman products saves time and reduces energy costs.

ATEX approved NCF DX fans

Nederman NCF DX are powerful central fans with a robust construction of welded steel. The NCF DX is approved for explosive dust in zone 22 in accordance with ATEX directives 94/9 Group 2, Category 3.

NCF fan with Sound Enclosure

Nederman NCF Fan Sound Enclosures are complete and consist of a fan, flexible connections between fan and inside box, vibration absorbers and two cable glands for electrical connection. The fan motor is cooled separately. All Sound Enclosures are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and are possible to lift from underneath with a fork lift. Hull made of galvanised sheet metal steel. Two sizes of Sound Enclosures cover all NCF fans

   Thickness of elements: 100 mm

   Insulation: 100 mm mineral fibre

   Hinged door, 900x900 mm, with two handles