Our Services


Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with customized maintenance plans and flexible scheduling  options provides full support capabilities for all our customers. We undertake monthly maintenance procedures - inspection, repair & testing for all welding equipments. This offering ensures industrial plant safety, reduced operational risks & maximized productivity. 


   To enquire about our Annual Maintenance Contract, please contact us via phone or email.







Technical Repair Services

Our Technical Repair Service centers are equipped with highly trained personnel, innovative solutions, strong supply network, efficiently managed spares inventory and flexible onsite / offsite repair options based on customer preferences. Our services comprise of onsite inspection, requirements analysis, onsite/ offsite/ on-the-spot repair job, exhaustive testing and on-time delivery. 


  To schedule a repair job, please contact us via phone or email.







Product Inspection Services

We offer On-demand Product Inspection Services of all types of welding equipments, industrial gas equipments and cutting systems. 

Based on your requirements & convenience, our team of technicians conduct an onsite inspection to assess the technical issue. Our advisory experts are available for a detailed review and discussion of reparative & pre-emptive measures to maintain your plant in high efficiency performance mode.


   To schedule an onsite inspection, please contact us via phone or email.






Equipment Rental Program

Our Equipment Rental Program offers you an comprehensive range of welding equipments, designed for a variety of applications, on hire. This flexible offering empowers our customers to meet their production targets and finish the job ontime. 


   To enquire about our Equipment Rental Program, please contact us via phone or email.







Project Consultancy Services

We can help you implement Environment-Friendly and Energy-Saving solutions in your plant. With our project consultancy services and the extensive range of ESAB's power saving welding equipments & NEDERMAN safety products, we can help you build an infrastructural design for your facility that will help your maximize your uptimes, reduce your carbon footprint and create a safe working environment for your staff. 


   To enquire about our Consultancy Services and eco-friendly products, please contact us via phone or email.