MB 15 AK

MB 15AK TORCH (Air Cooled)

ABICOR - BINZEL's tried and trusted quality torch for use through the whole application area of apparatus, vehicle, machine and steel constructions.

   Optimum torch cooling - high endurance

   Ergonomically designed handle system - optimum handling in every position

   Light and highly flexible cable assembly, makes low-fatigue possible

   Robust construction for durability and extended torch life










according to EN 60 974-7

   Cooling: Air Cooled

   Rating: 180 A CO2

   150 A Mixed gases M21 according to DIN EN 439

   60% Duty cycle

   Wire Ø: 0.6 - 1.0 mm

   Rated using power source with VDE standard volt/amp characteristic (U=14+0.05xl). When pulse welding, reduce rating by 35%.



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