Laser Cutting process uses a focused laser beam and assists gas to sever metallic plate with high accuracy and exceptional process reliability.  The laser beam is generated by a resonator and delivered through the cutting nozzle via a system of mirrors. 

ESAB’s Alpharex CNC Laser Cutting Machine automates virtually all process parameters, can be equipped with up to 6KW resonators, and handles large multiple large sheets.  It is truly the most versatile and flexible laser cutting machine available.






The five-axis Alpharex™ AXD laser cutting machine with a working area up to 5 m wide and 40 m long allows large, panel-shaped workpieces to be quickly and economically cut and beveled for weld seam preparation. CO2 lasers are used for sheet thicknesses up to 25 mm. Low heat input and the non-contact cutting process protect the material from damage.



Durable and economical

With its special cutting head concept, the machine features far longer laser focusing optic lifetimes compared to conventional cutting heads and is thus a leader in technology and performance.

Time-saving and reliable

The on-board PRO-LAS1 laser safety system (laser safety class 1) makes it possible to load and unload the machine during the cutting process.  

This guarantees uninterrupted production operations. The Alpharex's ease of operation and very high working speed help you make the most of your productivity.


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